Portable Laundry Washing Machine - Compact Washer for Delicates & Small Loads

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  • Portable Washing Machine - Wash away your worries when a laundry emergency arises, thanks to Maplefield’s Spini! This on-the-go compact mini washing machine is perfect for cleaning small items of clothing when away from home
  • Perfect to Take Anywhere - Thanks to its low power consumption, our portable travel washing machine is ideal for running off your RV, camper, or portable power supply; also small enough to pack in your camping supplies or suitcase to reduce the amount of clothes you need to bring on your next trip
  • Lightweight and Portable - Use the small washing machine anywhere thanks to its compact design and sturdy handle. Just fill it with water, add detergent, place your clothes inside, and press a button - it's that simple!
  • Gentle on Delicates - Use the small washing machine for underwear, bras, socks, undershirts, baby clothes, and other delicate fabrics; the washer provides a thorough yet gentle clean while preventing damage to your most cherished garments
  • Quick and Efficient - With a 15-minute cycle, this mini washing machine saves you time and effort compared to hand-washing. Ideal for emergencies or when you need to quickly freshen up a few essential items. NOTE: Washer capacity is 2.8 liters and best suited for small loads