Hat & Helmet Sweat Liners - Prevent Sweat on Face & Eyes

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  • Stop the Sweat in Your Eyes — These hat sweat liners for caps and helmets are designed to keep sweat out of your face. Capturing and locking in the moisture created during hot days on the course, field, or worksite. With these hat liners for men and women, spend more time focusing on what you’re doing
  • Universal Hat Saver — These disposable hat liners for caps fit virtually any hat or helmet. Use them while you're playing baseball, hockey, lacrosse, or hunting. With their slim construction you'll barely even notice them. The ultimate solution for keeping your head dry and comfortable during humid days outside
  • Layers of Comfort — These three-layer hat bands prevent the sweat from rolling into your eyes, causing them to burn. The non-woven fabric layer, waterproof film, and SAP dust-free paper all work together to create a moisture barrier. Adhesive strips keep the absorbent golf hat sweat liner in place all day long
  • Rescue Your Hat Collection — Don't let sweat stains ruin your style! This absorbent liner sits between your skin and the hat or helmet. Catching sweat and keeping it from ruining your favorite headwear. With no hat sweat stain, keep your favorite caps looking new longer
  • Keep Them Cool — The must-have sweat hat cleaner for your loved one who enjoys headwear. From helmets to baseball caps, the soft fabric feels wonderful on your skin. Gift it to your boyfriend, brother, or dad. These golf hat liners for men and women for men keep your favorite athlete cool and dry